Empowering Women In The Society

TRB today has a considerable ratio of women employees. We believe in creating an equal and better world for the women of the world. Moreover, we have women leaders working at various eminent positions in the corporate ladder of the group. These are the minds who have inculcated in us the blissfulness of patience and have given us the vision to create a healthy and positive workplace for everyone.

Solar plants

We understand our roles and responsibilities towards the development of a sustainable business model for the environment. Translating our duties into actions, we have implanted solar projects with a capacity of producing more than 1.5 million electricity units every year. We have till date installed 2 plants of 4 Mega Watts in Madhya Pradesh.

Community Service

We stand strong with our community and our people. In order to give back to society, we organized many blood donation and vaccination camps. Also, we ensure to brighten the future of our children by distributing the best educational books to the government led and blind schools in our vicinity. The company further ensures to contribute financially to the needy families and NGOs across the country.

Creating a greener environment

TRB promotes a green working culture. With smart lights and sensors installed in our companies, we actively contribute towards saving electricity. Moreover, we also organize various plantation drives timely, to create awareness about the importance of greenery. Adding on to this, we also arrange seminars and workshops for our industrial workers as well. This is to make sure that no anti-green practices are pursued in any of our manufacturing unit.

Ethics and Sincerity

At TRB, we give a high priority to creating an environment that gives equal opportunity to the women of our society. In addition to providing great career growth to our female employees, we also ensure to give them a fully secure working space. Moreover, we have TRB Codes and Ethics, which are mandatory to be followed by every employee of the organization.

Health and safety

Along with being responsible to our external audience, we stand in alliance with the health and safety needs of our employees as well. For the same, the company keeps on organizing various health camps. These efforts are directed towards building a healthful and positive working space for our real heroes – The Employees.

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