Business Verticals

With over 13 business verticals, TRB has a proud presence across the world.

Bicycle and its parts

TRB Group is a pioneer in manufacturing and exporting Bicycles and their parts. Our globally recognised brands include Jiwan Udyog, TRBi, Trillion, Ride fire and Belleza Bikes. These brands encompass product range including chain wheel, freewheel, etc. Of the other mentioned brands, Jiwan Udyog was the first to be established and has a backbone of trusted clients gained over the years.

Brands Associated: TRBi, Jiwan Udyog, Belleza Bikes

Construction Material

TRB has an extensive presence in the construction industry. Our respective brands deal in the construction vertical. With high- quality material, we strive to build better homes and buildings for you and your loved ones.

Brands associated: TRBEX Impex Pvt. Ltd, Fermali


We manufacture processed food and beverages for our valuable clients around the world. In FMCG we have Tresbon, TBolt, Tornado Man, which manufactures processed food energy drinks, under this vertical.

Brands associated: Tres Bon, Lion Club, Nemo, Bonne Chance


TRB Ceramics deals in manufacturing tiles and other sanitary ceramic products for our clients. We mass manufacture wall and floor tiles, glazed vitrified tiles, full body floor tiles, polished glazed vitrified tiles, among many others.

Brands associated: TRB ceramics


Our TRBEX Impex Pvt. Ltd deals in Engineering, procurement, and construction. The highlighted domains of this vertical are steel & construction, Turnkey Projects, Auto parts, bicycles & spare parts, foodstuffs, sanitary ware & textiles.

Brands Associated: TRBEX Impex Pvt. Ltd

Industrial Chemicals/ Mining Chemicals

We provide complete Mining Solutions. We have solutions for all your Industrial Chemicals or Mining chemical needs. TRB Group also deals in Home and Personal Care chemicals. In addition to chemicals, we cater to your multiple requirements of mining equipment, machines and spare parts.

Brands associated: Fermali

ERP, HRM, Finance & Production

Our IT venture- Kloud, excels in providing ERP, HRM and Finance & production solutions for small businesses and Multinational Companies. With our fully integrated ERP Software, we strive to automate and simplify individual activities across your businesses.

Brands Associated: Kloud Advanced Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Engine Oil and Lubricants

Motor oils, Engine oils and Lubricating oils are the major productions of our brand Sahara. These refinery produced oils keep your business set ups, engines and motors running with ease.

Brands associated: Sahara

Home Design and Garden

Modernise your homes with a wide range of our ‘Dreamz Garden’ products. We manufacture all kinds of gardening products to assist you in adding more value and beauty to your homes and gardening space.

Brands associated: Dreamz Gardens

Metals and Explosives

TRB is a reputed exporter of Ferrous and Non- Ferrous Metals. We deal with industries ranging from Steel, Fabrication, Casting and Stainless Steel. Adding to the range our services, we also facilitate a complete blasting solution for various respective industries.

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